Dear fellow troopers.
After spending around 3000 CHF since the launch of the game, i have sworn to myself to stop spending money on the slot machine in February this year.

Today, after 6 months of F2P frustration of never getting the event characters, i have decided to invest 60 CHF and bought the legendary pack with 3500 ironite in it. i spent it all to buy 40 souls since didnít get any LoL out of the first 26 souls which i bought last week from saved up ironite. What did i get? TWO 4* characters (some shitty corrupt rescuer and a chopper) and 38x3* rubish!!!

This was the last nail in my LotB careers coffin. I donít want to be frustrated every event anymore, i donít want to see blue eyes flashing at me after spending THOUSANDS of ironite anymore! this games rewards system is the worst i have ever seen in my over 30 years of gaming!

Besides of that i have felt extremely overwhelmed by all those new ďkey dungeonsĒ recently. they cost fuck loads of SoT and require 100s of runs to achieve something! and thatís somethings i donít have the time and will for.

Another issues are Arena and Gauntlet! Arena has become a fucking buff fest with buffs appearing and disappearing for to me unknown reasons.

My this weeks Gauntlet run came to a halt in AAA where i met a team with the gunner Minotaur and an Angel Eddie plus two unimportant toons. if the oponent goes first the super over powered minotaur just viped my whole gunner team with a single swing! this happened 3 times before i gave up. thatís not my imagination of having fun!!!

Overall: I have beeway upset with the way this game is heading for a long time now. The developer team is simply a bunch of people, who donít have a clue how to create a good, balanced RPG. thatís a fact!
My prediction is that you will soon see a talisman set, which will just state ďrevive all allies and kill all enemiesĒ or simply ďwin the gameĒ... because they are lost for creative ideas.

There is not much positive to say about the game really. maybe the graphics? but for someone who grew up playing The Bards Tale trilogy and such, the graphics is the last thing i worry about.

I would like to thank you all my fellow troopers for sending me badges every day. Itís amazing how we never met or knew each other and still we felt this loyalty and responsibility to each other, with some of you for 3 years!!! big ups to you all! and to other forum member, who were not my troopers, but helped with their constant input and made it easier for others to live in the Iron Maiden universe. The community of these forums is one of the few positives about this game.

Im not gonna reread this wall of text iíve just put together in furious agony, so excuse any mistakes and nonsense and thank you for taking time to read! i wish you all a great life and... Up the Irons!