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    Is this team setup worth to build???

    Hello guys,

    I m few days new player to this game and i would like to start best way i can.

    I just reached night city and after number of the beast which i made using 1 revive got totally beaten in very first battle of night city.

    I want to build as much usefull team for my stage of game, preferably in most versatile way i can - for story mode grinding, PVP and all other dungeons and bonus events.

    Which characters you reccomend to me?

    ATM I am using:
    Eternity Eddie 5* lvl 56 (purple)
    Horus 5* lvl 57 (green)
    Hellraiser 4* lvl 68 (red)
    Mayan priestess 4* lvl 65 (blue)
    Chopper 4* lvl 45 (yellow)

    I am saving for goddes sekmeth to use her with Eternity Eddie and Horus in combo.

    Also On every character I am using best talismans i managed to get, but mostly there are 2-3 3* and rest 2* talismans - strongest of them i m leveling up.

    And last question. Is there any effective way to get strong talismans? 4-5*? Or I have to rely on a chance and evolving?

    Thank you for your advices.

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    Can you post your game name so we can see your roster. This will allow us to make a better recommendation for your team.
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