This has been asked for time and time again, and yet seems to fall on deaf ears. I'm bringing it up again since it applies to the current gauntlet event.

We want to see what Talisman set effects we've got when selecting characters/toons for a battle.

I myself currently have 340 characters. Keeping track of what is on who isn't something that I should have to worry about, when I should be able to see this info when selecting a character for a battle. Even when you've only got a few characters, keeping track of what you put on a char/toon is just annoying.

Currently, in "My Team" in a specific char/toons talismans tab you have 3 boxes on the right that show the "Set Effects" the talismans equipped give you. Add this to the character info screen you have when selecting characters for a battle, and this would solve this issue. It's THAT simple.

Note: I just want this for characters in the players team, not the opponents team. Sure some people would love it both ways, but doing it just for the players team doesn't change any existing play dynamics.

PS: The "Set Effects" boxes are in monochrome. Any specific reason they aren't in the talisman colours, especially when you've got a number of talismans with similar looking icons now? Perhaps reserve the white icons for effects from Cosmics, so we can tell them apart?