Single Target Assassin

No Chance
-Grant a random offensive effect for the duration of the battle to self every turn.
-50% Chance to counter when attacked
-Remove all beneficial effects, including golden effects, of all enemies inflicted with taunt or perfect taunt at the start of your turn.
-Grant immunity to exhaust to all allies.
Cut and a Feint
-Deal 1 hit of physical and 1 hit of true damage to a single target.
-Reduce max hp of target by 20%
-Deal an additional hit of true dmg equal to 15% of the enemy痴 max hp as true dmg if the target is inflicted with taunt or perfect taunt.
-Remove Perfect immunity
-Deal additional physical dmg for offensive effect on the target
Fight for the Honor
-Deal 1 hit of physical dmg to a single target.
-Inflict perfect taunt for 3 turns.
-Remove all invincibility effects including vanish and type specific invulnerabilities before dealing dmg.
-Remove all immunity effects including perfect immunity.
-Inflict exhaust on the target for 2 turns.

Side note: was thinking 2 red and 1 purple talisman for talismans but viper would be too op on him, and 2 purple 1 red would leave labrum that open so no idea on talismans.