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Thread: Just For Fun!!!

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    Just For Fun!!!

    To whom it may concern:
    In response to stress, frustrations and ill feelings, we posted the content here ONLY for fun AND NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE, especially LOTB/Nodding Frog/Navigator Games or Game Players! Instead of getting serious and possibly quitting this game we love, we decided to just laugh it off. Thank you Devs/NF/Nav. Games for all you do! We actually do appreciate your work and efforts! We will continue to support the game both financially as well as to continue playing. Thanks to all who support us. UP THE IRONS!

    ---Check out the full version of the title song "The Profit of the Beast" at the bottom of the page... This one's for YOU!---
    Feel free to post comments, feedback, or contribute your own images & parody versions of the IM songs regarding LotB.

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    The Profit of the Beast
    by Trooper Eddies

    AhabsHarpoon (Mngr./Album Art/My Uncle)
    Bakura (Vocals/Graphics/Kazoo/Soon to be replaced-shhhh)
    Wipp (, no I mean Bass/Meat Whistle)
    Kookaey (Guitar/Tour Bus Driver/My other Uncle)
    Lord-7618 (Guitar/Holds record of most Skill Shards accidently deleted)
    theAlchemist (Guitar/Still can’t login after last Hot Fix)
    Nuke_Happy (Drums/Tried to wear a wig and audition for the female cover band The Iron Maidens)

    DISC-1 ----------------------

    1) Can't pay my Bills (Run to the Hills) parody by Bakura
    (…you know, cuz we spent the money on this game.)
    [opening verse]
    “Open the game, what do I see,
    A new update, delivery,
    It takes much time, with my slow speed,
    This is so lame, it’s every week!

    I work so hard, it feels like hell,
    I put my pay, into this cell,
    I spend too much, and still I need,
    Oh I can never win with Free…”

    2) Broken be thy Game (Hallowed Be Thy Name) parody by Bakura
    “Been gaming in the bathroom, so long it’s hard to rise,
    I’m winning in the Gauntlet, and the numbness has reached my thighs,
    ‘Cause it’s hard to stop, and get up, off the commode,
    I turn and see no paper, on the roll………… running low…..… yeahhhhh!”

    {Alt. verse by Kookaey}
    "Auto replay, on my phone cell, when it buzzed another time,
    Reflecting on my pass time, and the dwindling sands of time,
    Cuz at 5 o clock (pst) the grinding is over thrown,
    All the souls I claimed and their yielding, is growing oooooooold..."

    {Alt. verse by Wipp}
    “I’m waiting by my old cell, when the bars refuse to rise,
    Connected to my charger, but doesn’t have much time,
    ‘Cause at 7 o’clock they make me pay my toll,
    The sands of time for me are running lowww…”

    3) Die With Your Phones On (Die With Your Boots On) parody by Wipp & Bakura
    (.... LoL, gotta plug in while grinding.)
    "If your battery dies, die with your phones on,
    As your battery dies, you win the round,
    Gonna cry, re-wards are gone,
    'Cuz your battery died, it's gonna die!"

    4) Also, when you buy the talisman packs for $19.99, there's tax in the states so it's really
    "$22, just in case your new" (22 Acacia Avenue) parody by Bakura

    5) "When is the Silent Planet, why has it not been finished before"
    (Out of the Silent Planet) parody by Bakura

    6) Pay to Play (Powerslave) parody by Kookaey
    “Tell me why it has to be a Pay to Play,
    I’m not that kind of guy, I am broke, why can’t I just grind?
    When the ironite’s dry, and all my hours are a waste,
    I spend countless hours, and slave for a talisman set... Slave for a Talisman Set!”

    7) Cheats the Fight (Speed of Light) parody by Bakura
    "The talismans don't work, we have been ripped off,
    support's response won't save us, when AI cheats the fight."

    8) Bought Some Sands of Time (Caught Somewhere in Time) parody by Bakura

    9) Prices High (Aces High) parody by Bakura“

    10) “Hear the Gripe of the Mobile Gamer, see him cry as it locks up on he”
    (Rime of the Ancient Mariner) parody by Bakura

    11) If the New Hot Fix Should Fail (If Eternity Should Fail) parody by Bakura

    12) Cultist Owl (Paschendale) parody by Nuke_Happy
    “3-Stars falling like the rain, it’s blue eyes unveil once again,
    The sound of Bruce can’t hide his shame, and so we die with cultist owl”

    DISC-2 --------------------

    13) Frog of Buy (Lord of Light) parody by Nuke_Happy with Bakura
    “Free your funds and let them fly! Give your life to Frog of Buy!
    Keep your FC ‘cause nothings FREE, All I see costs currency”

    14) So when Kaz leaves a comment on the Forum,
    that would be a "Post of the Navigator?"
    (Ghost of the Navigator) parody by Bakura

    15) Fight of, a Purchase (Flight of Icarus) parody by Bakura
    "Buy, all your things, for arena,
    Buy, and rank # 1
    So you pay, for arena,
    Buy, now you've won"
    Name:  20190915_093659.png
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    16) Tasted Beers (Wasted Years) parody by Bakura
    (A song about trying all of Bruce's Iron Maiden Brews.)

    17) If you're really, really frustrated with this game!
    Close Your Wallet, Uninstall It (Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter) parody by Bakura
    "Close your Wallet, Close your Wallet, .....Un-instaaaaaaall it,
    Delete from Phone, Delete from Phone, Delete from Phone."

    18) Doom Styled (Moonchild) parody by Lord_7618 with Bakura
    [verse & chorus]
    “I am he, the newest bug, the fallen server, mocking you
    Nodding Frog, the AI whore, I own your cell more than you do
    Don´t you dare to save your souls, open them now and buy some new ones
    Be the gamer of a non-tested game, be the tester of our new updates

    Doom Styled, makes your pockets bleed
    Doom Styled, your phone and time we steal”

    19) Can I win on Madness (Can I Play with Madness) parody by Wipp & Bakura
    (A song about a newbie w/ natural 4* characters that aren't sharded,
    but he really wants the achievement rewards.)

    20) Same ol' Smoke (Holy Smoke) parody by Bakura
    (Inspired by the “2019 Tour Ed” pack)
    "Same ol' Smoke, Same ol' Smoke,
    Another sad toon, it's becoming a joke,
    Profit of the Beast is the Nodding Frog croak,
    Driving me bezerk,
    Tour Ed is Holy Smoke,
    Tour Ed is Holy Smoke!"

    21) Pants on Fire (Quest for Fire) parody by Bakura
    "Surely you jest you liar,
    About the talis effect,
    Now your pants on fire,
    Cantch'a see we're all upset?"

    22) 2 Minutes to Reset (2 Minutes to Midnight) parody by Bakura
    “2 Minutes to Reset, Ed just hit me with Doom,
    2 Minutes to Reset, I need to win this battle soon!”

    (We've all been there...LoL)

    23) The Loser (The Trooper) parody by Bakura
    (Inspired by all the arena battles where bugs and unfair AI advantage or cheating, just freakishly destroys your team…it’s the oddest thing. It’s as if you were bound to lose from the beginning!)

    [opening verse]
    “This game’s your life, we all love it too,
    But it can drive you crazy through and through,
    And when you lose the coin-toss for attack,
    Arena’s suckin’ cuz the AI’s jacked”

    24) The Profit of the Beast (The Number of the Beast)
    (parody by AhabsHarpoon & Bakura, with theAlchemist)

    {Intro} Woe to you who play for FREE
    For the Dungeon needs the Beast and Wrath
    Because you know your frags are short
    Let him who hath understanding
    Reckon the Toon to be released
    For it’s frags are an expensive number
    It’s requirement is six hundred and sixty-six

    {Song} Unplugged my phone
    My screen went black
    I could not click the link to get the update from online

    What did I need
    To play for FREE
    I wish I weren’t so cheap to not get a new battery

    So now I’m charged
    My iPhone 3
    Support said re-install the new Legacy of the Beast

    ’Cause in my dreams
    He’s always there
    The Eddie face that wastes my time his frags are oh so rare

    {Scream} Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They first attacked, my allies were so slack
    Cool graphics that I see, but it’s too hard for me

    In the mist, Magma and Bats resist
    The damage that I deal, has no affect in Hell

    {Chorus} $6.66 the Profit of the Beast
    All these bugs, in each update released

    Gauntlet played, PvP battles waged
    Build this team of mine, evolve overtime

    In the night, not sure I’m wrong or right
    Started all this for fun, won’t stop ‘till I’m done

    {Chorus} $6.66 the Profit of the Beast
    Point .66 percent of RNG

    Event sac-a-thon, rewards aren’t that strong
    Purchase ironite deal, FC on dungeon key

    It won’t be long, with all the rewards won
    The Forum guys are wise, I heed their advice

    {Chorus} $6.66 the Profit of the Beast
    $6.66 Just fix the bugs at least

    I’m coming back, have sands to burn
    And I’ll possess the tools to win before your turn

    I have relics, I have the Tals
    I have the Toons to rank top level, ETERNAL!!!

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    We hope you enjoyed this thread and it made you laugh... KEEP ON GAMING!
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    HALLOWEEN Event Souls:
    Count Dracula & Magus / Gunner Werewolves
    *Grinding for Van Helsing Eddie!

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