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    Warrior LOL...

    Why don't his basic abilities work on counter strikes??. He cleanses *nothing* when he counters, but cleanses fine when he attacks.

    Also.. face a team with W LOL and G Hierophant that also has W LOL and G Hierophant.. the app is confused as to WHICH SIDE should be getting the HP decrease... The players teems seems to collect ALLL the HP blocking while the AI team gets non.

    Also... Raven Witch is suppose to have a possibility of cleansing silver buffs.. but she will NEVER cleanse Doom or Dark Ghost buffs from W LOL... the rest of the team, sure.. but never W LOL. And other silvers are fine, it's merely Doom and DG she will not clear from W LOL.

    Also... W Minotaur's passive is stated as "Blocking all counter strikes" .. doesn't work against the LOL characters.
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