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After a few trial and errors and oddly enough 1 draw on the Raven Witch dungeon I have been having success with this team.

There are no natural 4* blockers and I know many don't have Celestials but you could probably substitute Destiny in for damage mitigation. I also don't have Shadow Wickerman so using the normal version. Failed multiple times with Benji and Phantom and Maclo, Robo.

Wicker Man Eddie - Celestial/Cosmic
Magus Crimean Soldier - Warlord/Greed - the AI teams have no way to remove Freeze so they get locked up including the Ferryman phase.
Sentinel Troll - Greed/Inspiration the Inspiration helps with the Dark Ghost and Perfect Heal shields. It kills Raven Witch pretty easily and most of her team will have ghost from the damage of Crimean
Sentinel Hierophant - Radiant/Sustaining - his passive helps against the Ferryman if he gets loose and against a few Viper sets during the phases. The AI has no way that I could see to remove your effects (again only Ferryman) so the Endure will help keep you alive.

Make sure you set your team placement in this order as I noticed that it would not work as well if allies where in different positions. Crimean will generally go first on left so he will freeze and deal most of the damage but surprisingly Wickerman AI will compliment the team. This is an auto team and I have yet to die in the last 20 clears. Best time is 1:49 average time is 2:30. Your results may vary. I did not have a spare set of Orbit but Magus Derby Demon may be a viable option in the mix as well.
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My fighting team so far for the new dungeon. The rewards include the occasional 10-20 awakening shards and so far guaranteed 3* colored shards and for 20 SoT per run it's slightly better than grinding the Lord of Light dungeons above X... But only slightly better.

Shadow Wickerman Eddie: Inspiration, Gravity, Cosmic, random green
Magus Derby Demon: Orbit
Sentinel Robo Scout: Present, Warlord, Cosmic
Warrior Hierophant: Celestial, Cosmic

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My fastest run time is 1:23.
I didnt see your posts until later the following morning.
I did the same thing with Raven's Altar Dungeon as I did w/ this Mayan.
It's here:


Can you guys post your teams/talis etc. on that post? If not, do you mind if I copy and paste it from here.... either way.

Btw, I had a team similar to Amathir's..... longer time though.