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    Thanks to: Aidinia (and Muzzleloader for repeating)
    for the suggestion of Warrior Count Dracula, he is "THE DEAL" when it comes to beating Mayan/Necropolis dungeon.

    I used Gambler Ed with Forge talis/Cosmic.
    First, use Dracula's special to apply crave to all and target Necropolis.
    Then use Gambler to hit Necropolis w/ his present basic attack, it also applies perfect death to all (due to Forge talis.)
    Lastly, go back to Dracula and use his basic to kill Necropolis, who dies once and takes the Witch Doctor with him.

    Best & Avg. time is 0:20 seconds.

    the Team for achievement goals:
    *Gambler Ed-forge/cosmic
    *Dracula-reapers/cosmic/yellow (or sacreds)
    *M. Mayan Priestess-singularity
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    (Angel Ed & Eternity Champion Ed also pictured as backups in case things go wrong.)

    Thanks also, to Stormseye!

    His team suggestion for Mayan/Shaman dungeon worked great.

    Best time 0:18 seconds.
    Avg. time 1 minute (if they go first or M. Crimean does not get more than 1 chance to attack.)

    the Team for achievement goals:
    (Stormseye's step by step attack instructions, taken from page 6)
    "I was still able to finish with a best time of 0:18 seconds.
    Start with Alex and use Onward March on Shaman. This will remove Invincibility and give your team Perfect Immunity. Next use Crimean to attack and inflict Marks and steal Beneficial Effects. Usually could get 1-3 attacks from Crimean. Of the remaining 12 fights I had, Crimean would kill the Shaman alone usually and Necropolis and Magus never even needed to attack. I would say at least 9 of the fights it was over in less than 30 seconds with only Alex and Crimean attacking."

    *Alexander Ed-orbit
    *M. Crimean Soldier-greed/warlords
    *M. Mayan Priestess-singularity(or alchemy)
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    (Reminder to all, sometimes the enemy goes first. Also, Necropolis grants himself & Witch Doctor random gold buffs, ie. shroud/perf. health. This may sometimes affect the time, but was not a problem w/ the above technique.)

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    I ended up playing beyond the the needed times for the achievement, trying to get Heroic Legendary frags.
    I finally got enough to get a Heroic Mythical.
    Well, after trying for 14 months I finally got Assassin Count.....
    kinda of ironic..... it took a warrior Count to earn me an assassin Count!!!

    Thanks again to Aidinia, Stormseye, and Muzzleloader.
    These team recommendations are going on PAGE 1 when I edit and re-do this thread in the near future.
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