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    Necropolis' abilities were buffed in April's second major update. While doing a few runs for the Boss Rush event challenge, I was surprised how much damage Necro was dealing, as I remembered him being pretty weak in terms of damage dealing. Now he does several hits of decent damage, and removes all buffs. Coupled with his Viper talismans, he's now much more dangerous than before. He still has so much hp that Starfire-reflected damage doesn't help too much unfortunately. Perfect Death and P/Crave remain incredibly useful, as are Forge Talismans. Anything that gives you a reusable way of staying alive.

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    For manual on Shaman I've found Scream for Me Eddie's present basic (removes invincibility and place loads of marks) coupled with any decent damage AOE hitter and someone who gives ensures all hits land as Perfect such as Desert Marauder (or just good manual timing) can one shot this dungeon as long as you use Eddie first to get 15 marks on everyone (and you have enough health to survive the first wave if AI goes first plus any counters/revenges).
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