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    Havenít ran it in awhile but For your Eddie, awakened phantom With Riposte and mask cosmic would make it a breeze. Or crusader/dark road with apocalypse And their cosmic.

    I remember starfire talis on final round, did a lot of damage before your turn.
    Awakened wickerman with rags, awakened wicker owl with gluttonous ,mongol archers w/mongol cosmic, women in uniform, a few others work well. I still like using sentinel robo scout w old set up of greed,warlord, dominance cosmic
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    thanks for the tips. unfortunately, I don't have any of those talisman. I see the mask talisman is in the store I may pick that up and shard my Phamtom to see it that speeds it up some. I am still running this dungeon for the characters. I had about 12 keys so I figured I should use them up. I have been away from the game for a while and just coming back. I just started awakening some characters.

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    Curious why you have posted this in all of your topic threads??

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