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    LoL Dungeon (X-XV) Pics,Rewards,Strategy,Teams,Achievements

    Welcome to the LORD of LIGHT Dungeon!

    In this thread we will focus on Levels X thru XV. Levels 1-9 are very similar to level 10, with a lesser degree of difficulty. Also, Level 10, which could be labeled with a Hard/Madness difficulty, is presented here as the most commonly grinded level of the regular LoL Dungeon. I mainly wanted to show the rewards, of which the special Frontier Dungeon Key for levels 11-15 will drop. The 3* colored evolution shards necessary for evolving and “Awakening” characters, are also found here but can drop more abundantly in other dungeons like: Raven's Altar, Frozen Wasteland, and Labyrinth just to name a few. Level 10 will be presented here in a brief description.

    The main subject here will be the Frontier Dungeon levels 11-15. These upper levels have their own specific rewards, of which Awakening materials are included. Dark Lilith and the (5) Shardbornes made their debut in the release of levels 13 & 14, as did Lucifer and the (5) Onyx Sons in the release of level 15. I will not reveal “too much” so as not to spoil it for those who have not experienced these levels and the STORYLINE, although, I did include some teaser images for the sake of being thorough in this presentation. The difficulty rating for levels 13, 14 & 15 would be described as “INSANITY.” Due to all the newest resources like OP characters and talismans, the upper levels are actually “grindable” on AUTO!
    I would recommend that players have all or most of their relics, in order to be successful, especially on levels 13-15.

    My TEAM suggestion for:
    (these are just examples)

    Levels 11 & 12

    NotB Eddie - Eternity/Cosmic
    Ferryman - Sustain/Hex/Cosmic
    Killer Prime - Greed/Warlord
    Prisoner - Primordials


    Levels 13 & 14- Best Time lvl 14- 1:05 (Avg. 1:30)

    Alexander Eddie - Orbit (He is immune to ALL debuffs, and the talis cleanse allies and removes buffs from enemies on every action, while giving immunity to True damage for the entire team and inreases Def/MR for self, each turn.) <Dark Lilith's passive deals 500% True Damage...the Orbits give immunity to that.>

    Warrior LoL-Max Awakened - Vipers/Cosmic (He deals physical damage to all enemies, decreases Max HP by 10%, removes all types of immunity, has chance to gain extra turn, his special removes all shields, heals self and grants extra turn, while his passive makes him immune to stun and sleep, chance to counter when he or allies are attacked, and can inflict permadeath. The Viper talis reduce his damage by 60%, give chance to counter attack, and inflict silver debuffs - namely perfect passive disable.)

    Charlotte - Vipers/Cosmic (She blocks silver debuffs {only 2 rounds for allies,} gives perf. health for 3 turns, grants invincibility/revives and heals self and random allies. The talis reduce her damage by 60%, give chance to counter attack, and inflict silver debuffs - namely perf. pass. disable.)

    Killer Prime - Greed/Warlord (He removes 2 buffs including gold, from each enemy while inflicting perma death and curse. The Greed talis heal self and allies on perf. attacks, steal a random buff from target and gives chance to remove perf. immunity on basic attacks. While the Warlords give a chance for an extra turn and a random offensive effect when healed.)

    *Major Malakhov, Musashi, M. LoL or Madame w/ Singularity talis, are recommended substitutions for W. LoL or KP.


    Level 15- Best Time 0:53 (Avg. 1:30)

    Van Hesling Eddie - Labyrinths/Cosmic

    A. Werewolf - Yin/Yang

    Charlotte - Orbits

    Killer Prime - Greed/Warlords


    >>>Please POST your own teams/talismans/strategy below!<<<

    I hope this helps… GOOD LUCK TO ALL TROOPERS!

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