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    Thanks, Muzzleloader, but winning the last wave wasn't an issue for me. It was the lack of LoL awakening shards but they finally dropped and I have a max awakened Lucy now. Finally.

    @Bakura Yeah, they're supposedly increased but still very, very low for LoL, even on XV. The amount of runs it required (and ironite for refills) is epic.

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    Knut, I dont know if you have D wrath but his passive helps everywhere not just the last wave. I run sub minute runs. fastest around 30 seconds. Most of the time the last wave dies without me taking a turn.

    I used, Scrooge. Fortune/cosmic/random
    W LoL. Orbit
    D lilith. Sacred/serenity/cosmic
    D wrath, starfire
    Axes grind and maces clash as wounded fighters fall to the ground
    Severed limbs and fatal wounding bleeding corpses lay all around

    A lowly bootscraper in Jomsvikings

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