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    Couple questions

    Hello there
    I didnít write anything for some time and now there are this new things like awakening lots and lots of frontier dungeons new talismans, characters and achievements... yeah...

    Ok so first awakening: I didnít spend much fallen angel fragments, only for some FC once or twice and now I heave around 2k of them should I buy one of Lord(if yes than which one) or wait for mysterious character (I hope itís Lucifer)? I also donít have any of talismans that are available in store(yeah even the vipers) probably should get at least one of them, right? But which ones?

    I think that it was more than one question soooo... third? Never mind.
    Frontier dungeons.
    How much are the rewards worth(achievements and rewards from dungeon) I still donít have the Ferryman, Alex, and Gambler so I donít know if I should spend Fc on keys

    Is it some game changer or just slight buff to some characters?

    And the last one where the hell can I get a lots of 1 and 2 stars evo runes?! Purple and red are the problem(I donít know why but I have over 1000 of blue ones)

    Ok there are a lot of questions but I would really appreciate if someone could devote some time and answer at least one of them.

    My username is eddiesid-4449
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