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    Hello all.

    I have been playing since May 2019. I have been lurking here since then. I have learned a lot from all the great tips posted here, thank you very much.

    I am struggling with some of the harder dungeons like the latest stage of LoL, etc. It seems I need more and/or better talismans, maybe move talismans around or something. Maybe I need a few better toons? I have been saving FC for Gambler, but maybe I should buy Alex or some of the less expensive toons to help me in the harder dungeons. Maybe I should get a LoL or two now instead of hoarding frags? Should I blow some ironite on event souls in a gamble to get some of the new OP toons? Any advice to help a trooper out?

    Also, I have around 12 open trooper slots if anyone is interested. I play all troopers everyday, barring a game crash. I toss inactives after a week or so, to give fair warning.

    Thanks for any help you can give and thanks again.
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