Hey guys. I'm really tired of all this. I'm holding on until awakening 3, but after that I may bring it all to a stop.

Today, I found myself with 700 leftover sands. I spent 15 minutes on what to spend them on, and ended up throwing them away in useless farming.

This shouldn't happen. I'm feeling burned out. No excitement from the new chars, no excitement for the upcoming chars, and no excitement for any of the few achievement I have left to do.

Mayan could be cool, but saving FC for LOL s, altar could be cool, but same story. Nothing else feels exciting anymore. Pve is a chore. Arena is a chore. Others dungeons are a chore. Gauntlet was the last enjoyable thing, and since the 'difficulty adjustment' it's a chore too. Most events are a chore. Rewards are getting ridiculous in perspective with investment (time+sands) and difficulty involved (looking at you Mayan, altar and lol 13+). Most things just can't be done without spending hundreds of ironite. Awakening isn't as exciting as it should be, requiring hours upon hours upon hours of playing for minimal impact.

So I'm planning on playing till awakening 3. After that I'll close down lotbhelper.com, and most probably give up on my top tier account. I may get back with a fresh account to see if the lower levels still hold some nice game dynamics, but that's not guaranteed.

I'll miss you. You know who you are.

But hey, we still have a few weeks, let's pulverize those lols.

Up the irons 🤘