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    Quote Originally Posted by betinhodickinson View Post
    How can I get more Eternal Dungeon keys?
    Since the last update, Eternal keys are available in Arena Store too, 1500 iron coins per key. It's another way and maybe more affordable.
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    I really love this thread
    Maybe the table needs some update, since the frozen wasteland is not anymore a "only event" key, now you can buy it from the frontier store.
    Also, Mystic Night Dungeon (AKA Edge of Darkness) should be added. For me, the best team (talking about runs per key):

    LAD Eddie
    Cosmic Lilith
    The Alchemist

    Talis are not really important but should have Yggdrasil, Cosmic Lilith if available, Ragnarok to reduce pain, and the rest are up to you. You can exchange Werewolf by The Madam or the clairvoyant to complete the achievements but then you will lose some runs per key.

    With this setup I have a best time of 1:15 and you can make about 45 runs per key.

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