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    Event was fine for me. By normal daily Powerslave routine plus some additional NC farming I ended with 126 souls. These gave me 4/5 Eddies including a dupe warrior. So I had enough frags to buy the one missing Ed. Alongside I got a sentinel werewolf "before release" lol. Now as I have all 5 Eddies I realised they all have exactly the same skills... nice for the collection, but what's the point apart from that? BTW please increase maximum character and talli slots - thanks!
    March 1st 2019 Update - NEVER FORGET!

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    Eddies: $-Tour-$, Thor / Mystic F / $-Ed Hunter-$, $-Fawk-$, Screamer / Gangland, $-Lone*-$, Fallen Icarus / Eagles, Eternal Champion
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    I really enjoyed this event. The longer time period, and the high drop rate of fragments was wonderful. Made every Powerslave run feel valuable, especially as a newer player. While I didn't get any 5* characters from the souls, I gained several player ranks!

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