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    "Cosmos Cup" Event Numerical Rundown

    (Don't know if it's the right sub-forum to post this, but i'll post it anyway)
    Seeing this new event I decided to run some numbers, and it looks quite optimistic. Everything here is conservative estimates(not taking SoT got from completing runs into account), so potential is even higher.

    Striker Souls:

    Let's assume we will run Powerslave madness. This gives us 14 frags per run, which sums up to 210 frags per 120 SoT. It takes 200 frags to get the soul, so it means 1 soul(+ 10 leftover frags) per 120 SoT. Daily we can use(without spending ironite) about 240 SoT, which will give us 2 souls + 20 frags per day. Event runs until October 15th(20 days), and that means that, with no single ironite spend, we can get 42 souls(2 souls from leftover frags). With odds of getting 4* highlight Eddie per soul(~11%), it gives us a decent chance for gettnig at least 1 Eddie that way.

    Event Challenges:

    With end goal of playing 500 cosmos battles, we can clearly complete all of the "win -number- battles" using numbers above(not spending ironite). 30 runs per 120 SoT gives 60 runs per day, which over 20 days of event gives 1200 runs total(a lot more than needed). With the right team two last challenges(good and bad effects) are also not a problem(not in this number of runs at least). Combined they give 2000 Striker frags(10 souls) and 600 Keeper frags(more about them below).

    Keeper Souls:

    Taking numbers from above, we can get expected amount of 600 frags from challenges and 4200 from Striker Souls(since every soul gives 10 Keeper frags). This means we can buy every new Eddie with frags(not converting frags to souls) and still have 1800 frags. They can be used in event shop to get something extra or to get more of new Eddies for next sac event.


    It's quite easy event with decent rewards. As presented above, no ironite is required to get pretty much everything you might need from that event, and it leaves room for doing other stuff with your SoT alongside this event, as there's a safety dent of 1800 Keeper frags.

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    FYI, A matter of Life and Death on Hard costs 4 power and gives 12 fragments, so if you have the full 120 power available you get to run that 30 times earning yourself 360 frags each time

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