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    THANKS TO ALL for a great community— here are a couple of threads I’ve used extensively:

    can't post links / showthread.php?11442-I-made-a-comprehensive-Eddie-tier-list!

    can't post links / showthread.php?10854-Fudjo-s-Guide-to-Asset-Management

    can't post links / showthread.php?4789-Talisman-Location-Master-Post

    I’ve been grinding PvE with Pharaoh Eddie, Sentinel and Assassin Hierophants, and a Magus Crimean Soldier. Running auto on Lord of Light X-XI. I use the same team in Arena and have mixed success. Just got a Clairvoyant and considering getting a Warrior Lilith (or save up for Killer Prime?). Also have a Benjamin Breeg, Phantom, Crusader— I’ve been lucky on Eddie drops. I’ve just recently figured out Events, Fragments, and maximizing Sacrifice. #1 thing I wish I would have known sooner is that YOU CAN EXPAND YOUR CHARACTER SLOTS.

    Can anyone tell me what type of Gauntlet requirements you see in the higher Grades? I’ve just gotten to the “Sentinel/Assassin, no duplicates” but I don’t have enough Eddies for six battles.

    Unfortunately, I had Sacrificed all my weak Eddies back when I thought the game was to collect the best roster of TWENTY-FIVE CHARACTERS.
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