Have you ever wished someone in the forum community could help you pass a difficult battle in gauntlet?

I have, over and over again... I might be able to help someone else too.

I just thought Id create a thread where troopers can go to ask questions or share advice and tips for gauntlet, I hope it works!

So my question is regarding battle 2, SSS level. Its called The Unmaker,
The team is Mystic Eddie, Daedalus, Wicker Owl Evolved, Lilith Nightmoon.
They got first turn.
Lilith Nightmoon obliterated 3/4 of my team on her first move and that was a beefed up team... how can you compete with that? What are people doing to survive her attacks? In arena I just avoid those teams with Lilith Nightmoon or even Dark Lilith but not possible in gauntlet... can anybody offer a suggestion?