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    FIXED : Ticket #44382

    Hey guys,

    I'm not posting this for me. Brian, the guy behind of has been locked out of his account for the last 11 days, he's filed a ticket that's marked as high priority, but still no game.

    He's the guy that first started sharing the toon data and the player's guide, and built the first skill index on the web (no offense to deathbat, but Brian's site is a bit more accessible)

    So I'm posting this here in hope someone from the team sees this and can take a look at the situation. Not only does this prevent him from playing but also from acquiring data for the next guide pages and the toon/talisman index.

    Brian says he already had a lock out before and the support team fixed it in minutes, so it shouldn't be too time consuming.

    Thanks to whoever reads this.

    His ticket is number 44382

    UPDATE : the last server reboot allowed brian to get back in the game, thanks to all
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