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    What a coincidence that this "adjustment" takes place just after the end of the spending event. This event was great, apart from the gold part. I thought I was a rich man with >300M gold... Glad I only spent half of it, although the extra ironite would have been helpful for the endless grind that awaits me sitting here without Dark Lilith or Lucifer.
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    ...and I was contemplating spending money on getting ironite to get Lucifer too.....glad a backed off that.

    It is not even the money, it is the approach that the game is taking at the moment. People can literally buy there way to the top 100 in a week or so if they spend, spend, spend - so many players now with all the latest top characters and low level accounts - I know the game needs the money and I am happy folk are spending but it seems the devs are really going for it with the newer players who must be spending on ironite to basically jump months or even years of grinding like most of us have done since the the end the game needs cash so I am not really bothered about it but I am now at the point where spending makes even less sense as I can't be bothered keeping up with the Jones's.

    Still love the game of course but we are seeing a lot of changes recently - not all of them good, but maybe servers will get more love () and more staff can be brought in so that the game itself is more stable and less bugged than it has been of late.
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    Nobody needs to reach the top 100 in PvP or Gauntlet.
    Money makes only sense if you got no real life, because you need time...the whole day.
    Free playing is the most fun, because you invest nothing and expect nothing than bugs :-D

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