Hey everyone,

I have been farming the cosmic talisman dungeons lately. All my classes are strong, with average times below 1:30 and best times below 1:00.

All, that is, except magus.

My current magus team consists of:

Bass Eddie with Celestial + Cosmic
Ferryman with Eternity + Cosmic
Ancient Mariner with Brave
Corrupt Feldmarschall with Singularity

I have seen times as low as 1:20 but also as high as 4:30.

I used to have Mystic instead of Bass, but Bass has a lot of chances to remove beneficial effects and seems to be a better fit.

Any suggestions?

These are the teams I am using on each other instance of the cosmic dungeon. If you have any suggestions for them, feel free to mention them:

Alexander with Orbit
5 purple star Warrior Lord with Valor
Fully awakened Lucifer with Hex+cosmic+a pair of yellows I can't recall right now
Malakov with Singularity

Flight of Icarus Eddie with Light + Cosmic
Osiris with Frontier + Cosmic
Minotaur with Mimic + Penance
Hierophant with Siege + the same pair of yellows I have on Lucifer

Gambler with Labyrinth + Cosmic
Fully awakened Raven Witch with Labyrinth + Cosmic
The Killer with Reaper + Resistance
The Warlord with Reaper + Resistance

Final Frontier Eddie with Frontier+Cosmic
Necropolis with Viper + Cosmic
Killer Prime with Sustaining + Warlord + Resistance
The Witch Doctor with Greed + Resistance