Okay, so my way-too conservative company is having a Halloween costume party and I decided to go for the "Scariest Costume" prize (which will immediately be converted into ironite) using my much-beloved Piece of Mind Eddie. Have the mask and the straitjacket and even the pants. Here's the way it's gonna go:

My wife (who's going as Charlotte) will cue the music. I'll come into the room in all my Eddie splendor, straitjacket on and attitude out. After suitable posing and fright-making, there'll be some flashes of lightning and the straitjacket hits the ground, revealing Killers Eddie (wearing my Killers t-shirt), with hatchet. I probably won't actually use the hatchet, but it'll be good for "kidnapping" my wife and making haste out the nearest exit.

Figure it'll be good for a laugh.

Problem: what music do I use? It's gotta be something the cues up quick, not a whole lot of lead-in. Doesn't have to be thematic cuz we're talking people that still think wearing a hockey mask is avant garde terror, so anything'll work but I'll be damned if I can think of anything.

Any ideas about this... idea, let me know!

Thanks, Troopers! \m/