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    Quote Originally Posted by Natasmai View Post
    By my calculations the total awakening cost was "only" increased by 3.5 mil gold. Now, I disagree that it needed to be increased at all, but overall it was a minor change and people are making a big stink about it because they dont have all the information.
    I am one of those making a big "stink" about the cost increase.

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    That's a difference of 7,350,000.00

    I know what you are saying about the gradual increase at every level, but these toons have been out for a month+ and now they want to gouge prices. BS!
    It's not actually a bug just because they rush and don't properly test or check new and updated game material. If everything Nav/NF puts out is just going to change weeks after it's released, then how can we buy with confidence if we can't trust them?
    We spend ridiculous amounts of real life time, SoT, Ironite, evo materials, awakening frags..... And now 3x increase of gold.
    It was already seemingly not worth it to max out. This just adds to the problem.
    Yeah, I'm making a big stink.
    It just seems since Navigator took over, we have seen absurd amounts of unresolved issues, while cramming more empty flare in the game. It's just a game.... I can't say it's fun anymore. And I have defended this company and their need for revenue..... but piddly crud like this is just being mean.
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