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    Reaper of Souls (Book of Souls) - Earn Lost Fragments in the Book of Souls!

    Earn Lost Souls and summon them for powerful T2-T3 Purple, Gold or Red Cosmic Talismans!

    From now until November 8th at 4PM PDT, every Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic Soul you open in the Book of Souls, regardless of where you earned it (Skull Quests, bought from Store, earned from Sacrifice, etc) will give you a bonus of Lost Soul Fragments.

    Fragments will be granted in the following amounts:
    • **Rare Souls (including Class-Rare Souls such as Warrior Rare Souls) drop 8 Lost Soul Fragments
    • Epic Souls (including Class-Epic Souls such as Sentinel Epic Souls) drop 20 Lost Soul Fragments
    • Legendary Souls (including Class-Legendary Souls such as Gunner Legendary Souls) drop 100 Lost Soul Fragments
    • Mythic Souls including Class-Mythic Souls such as Mythic Magus Souls) drop 500 Lost Soul Fragments

    **Please note that neither Heroic Souls, nor event type souls (i.e. Hellish Souls) will provide Lost Soul Fragments

    You’ll also be able to earn Lost Soul Fragments, and additional rewards, by completing Event Challenges!

    The Lost Soul Fragments can be used in 2 ways:
    1. Convert 1000 Lost Soul Fragments into a Lost Soul. Summon the Lost Soul to earn a 5⭐ Gold Idol and 1 T2-T3 Purple, Gold and Red Cosmic Talisman. These Cosmic Talismans are incredibly valuable and will provide a Augment, Passive, or Ability bonus.
    2. Trade Lost Soul Fragments in the Event Store for limited time items including Cosmic Evo Runes!

    See the full list of limited time Event Store items below:
    • T1 Cosmic Evo Rune x1 (80 Lost Soul Fragments, 1 per day)
    • T2 Cosmic Evo Rune x1 (80 Lost Soul Fragments, 1 per day)
    • T3 Cosmic Evo Rune x1 (80 Lost Soul Fragments, 1 per day)
    • Cosmic XP Shards x5 (60 Lost Soul Fragments, 3 per event)
    • Cosmic XP Runes x5 (60 Lost Soul Fragments, 3 per event)
    • 2⭐Colourless Evo Shard x1 (60 Lost Soul Fragments, 1 per day)
    • 2⭐Colourless Evo Rune x1 (70 Lost Soul Fragments, 1 per day)
    • Skill Shard x1 (160 Lost Soul Fragments, 3 per event)
    • Catalyst Soul x1 (275 Lost Soul Fragments, 3 per event)
    • Gold x50,000 (60 Lost Soul Fragments, 3 per day)

    Looking for more Fragments?

    We have a Lost Fragment pack on offer! This pack contains 200 Lost Soul Fragments, as well as Iron Coins, Frontier Coins, Ironite, a Skill Shard and Gold

    Editors Note: Hi Troopers! Apologies for the late posting. It looks like my post on Friday failed to go up. Here are all the details on this event now. Cheers! ~Leviathan

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    another reason why you shouldnt have events starting at the beginning of a weekend. "hit go and leave" never really works out, does it? Kind of like us hitting go on an autofarm and going to sleep...

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    Seems it's stuck on T2 purples for frags....

    (Is Guy Fawes Ed designed to be the weakest of all Eds even after fully powered? He's rather pathetic.)
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    insert witty remark here.

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    I kinda liked how straight forward this event was. While my purple T2 isn't anything to write home about, Burning, it was essentially free, and I got the new Lantern talismans and a few other event rewards. Think I'm finally starting to reach the point where I can do most of these types of status effect events now, which is nice.

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