This really only comes into play in the Arena and Guantlet as I don't believe that Orbit talismans are used anywhere else in the Cosmos by the AI.

I think it is great to see constant changes every month for older characters and the introduction of new characters, talismans and mechanics but honestly since the introduction of Orbit talismans, non-golden effects are basically pointless. Take for instance the incoming Lycan Talisman. While Spell Vamp, Echo and Lifesteal for 3 turns looks great on paper, the first time you encounter an Orbit wearing opponent they are quickly removed. This goes for all allies that have passives that provide non-golden beneficial effects as passives, as basic abilities, as power moves and through talismans. There really is no point in trying to build a team using non-golden effects anymore because Orbits makes them pointless. The same can be said for building teams that rely on red negative effects. Burn effects, Stun, Freeze , Blind all become negligible items with no real consequence since they will be easily removed by a non-traditional cleanser type ally with Orbit talismans.

On the plus side many of the newly released allies and Eddies are inflicting Perfect versions of these effects but while Charlotte remains a major player in the Arena, these effects will not come into play until 3 turns into the battle which is usually too late for some teams to be able to benefit from them. I don't know what the fix is and this is just merely an observation over the last few months. Most will wish to hang me if Orbit's get nerfed in some way but I don't know if that is the correct answer to the problem. It just seems that these particular talismans coupled with certain allies provide a dynamic in the game that was likely unforeseen and now that the gate is open, it cannot be closed. As they say, no point in shutting the gate if the horse has already ran out.

I also have a couple of suggestions that may change the stagnation.


Create a cosmic talisman that provides the "blocker" passive for x number of turns or for the create a 3-4 piece set that provides it for the entire battle. I know the Celestial set does this but I have to admit that after the 1st round this set is really lackluster and feels like a wasted effect for a 6-set. it should have been a 4 piece set at most. Note this cannot be a visible effect or it will be subject to the above statement.

Create a cosmic/talisman set that prevents the opponent from using certain skills such as Power or Fury for x number of turns. Again this cannot be a visible effect.

Create a cosmic/talisman set that prevents "lower max HP". Aside from Necropolis and Sentinel Lillith there are no other allies or talismans that provide this that I can think of off the top of my head. I could be wrong though.


Provide Future/Past skills for non-Eddie allies. This was discussed years ago and maybe is in the works for the future but I think this would really open up for diverse builds in all aspects of the game.

Update older allies/Eddie to grant Golden/Silver versions of their effects. This is a simple update that would make immediate changes to the state of Arena with little effort.