I suggest a trade in option for Wicker awakening shards and LOL awakening shards in both directions. Obviously I dont know the "grand plan", but there are currently only 4 characters that require Wicker awakening shards and a hell of a lot more than that require the LOL awakening shards. If I were able to trade Wickers for LOL's... even at a 2:1 ratio... I would be very happy.

Alternatively, you could correct the drop rates of the items in the LOL dungeon so it was a bit more reasonable. Im not asking for it to be "free" or have some crazy drop rate, but I have run LOL XI-XIV over 3000 times and I have i think 8 LOL awakening shards, and most of those came from opening the awakening souls. Also the 4 and 5 star awakening materials are outrageously low.

Lets not even get into why exactly I am running Ravens Altar to get 3* colored evo shards when they are *supposed* to drop in the LOL level X.... I understand choke points, Im fine with that. These Awakening features are supposed to be long term goals. But the rate of return on farming these materials is unacceptable.