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Actually.. kind of the same here Rob. I have 300 characters, with only maybe 3-5 duplicates in that bunch. I dump all 3 star or lower, other than Eddies and a couple Demon Spawns. I do keep roughly 30 open slots for build up to sac events and to avoid the "max limit" after some BOS conversions...the rest I sacrifice as they are acquired. I don't know why anyone would need more than 350 character slots at this time.

Talisman slots are another matter. 4,5,6 sets are continually released and it's not like you can sell off 3 of those.. there's no point to keeping the remaining items. So to move them around, or to store them for a future character, you need an extra 4,5, 6 slots.... for each set. I think that's where they really need to just make the slots "infinite" or set a limit of like 2000 after you've expanded to a certain point.. so +5 slots up to 300.. then the next + is to ∞
Many of us collectors Yup - I am trying to get and keep all of them hence I am reaching the limits as I have dupes of several characters too (I may not keep all of them though as they can get sacked if required). I also use these characters as places to store overflow talisman. I can see why many do not. I would rather just get rid of all spare talisman and have all my strong ones ready to use in the inventory. But a 'goal' was to have enough sets of talisman to make sure that I could eventually have the ideal sets on each character I have (including making sure that the DEF and MR etc are balanced as far as they can be...yeah I know a bit OCD)...but it takes a lot of time!

Hence my roster is usually bursting at the seams onlead up to sac events - I tend to not cash in souls until the sac to keep them out of the inventory (unless I have spaces for levelling up Eddies etc doing farming).

I would imagine there are a lot of players who keep one of each character - maybe I am wrong? I always have - not even sure why but likely because why not!

As others have said they at least need to expand it to keep in line with the wave after wave of monthly character increases. That makes a lot of sense...same for talisman slots and other aspects of the inventory.