I feel the souls we are able to pull should be reworked. I have around 1,000 common souls taking valuable space and no desire to waste time sacrificing it selling them. I feel once you reach a certain level in the game the common souls should be removed from your level. Also the star level of toons should not be changed around, allowing a 1 it 2 star to be a 3 star or 4 star in some cases. Also, event souls should NEVER have any souls below a night city toon. In fact, after you reach a certain level you should no longer be able to pull a toon from a world below night city. A rare soul should also not have anything a common soul offers. I dumped 75 rare should at once and got over 10 wicker toons and banshees. I pulled the current event souls from the first run and pulled wicker toons and worms. This should not have happened. Even dumping my legendary souls got me corrupt rescuers and golden sons. There's no way to get rid of common souls without wasting time. They are truly good for nothing except wasting your limited space on the soul pool. I