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    The constant evo pop ups....

    I wish they'd go away.. or at least drop in frequency, but I know that's probably not going to happen. So...

    PLEASE... move the "close" X to the LEFT SIDE of the pop up.
    (That may be non-conventional UI thinking.. but it's not like this app adheres to many UI standards.)
    Or just reduce the size.. I mean 90% size is rather large and unnecessary in my opinion. Smaller is more elegant.

    Currently the close X sits right below the newsfeed icon and it's so easy to mistakenly tap the newsfeed.. wait 2 minutes for the feed to load and then close it and try again.
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    The problem is, that they develop on large screens and not on little Smartphone displays. F.E. they showed the band the new Football Eddies on their large screens. On smartphones you couldn't see anything of the graphic details.
    Same goes to fonts (too small to read for my eyes) and these terrible popups.

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