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    Lucifer in LOL XV

    I am playing LOL XV on auto. I recently watched a game where Lucifer was the only remaining character stacked with a ton of healing buffs and had perfect crave which apparently had no effect even though he kept healing instead of taking damage. I couldnt do enough damage to him and he managed to kill my alex ed.

    Ive also seen Alex steal ghost from someone and then kill Lucifer. Then since Luci is dead, it ends the turn, ghost runs out and alex dies. Somehow that is determined to be a draw. There needs to be a time check in there... "is boss dead? game over you win." Ghost shouldnt run out until you "pass the turn" to the enemy, which cant happen if the enemy is dead already.

    The final fight in XV also seem to run extremely slow right now. slow enough that I think maybe the game froze, then just when im about to interact, someone will attack... followed by another long pause. I AM running Celestials, I know that was an issue before, but I thought it was corrected.

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    The 3x auto speed is slower than the usual. Also I am getting a lot of defeats when Lucifer dies. Like my whole team is one shotted, and I use Orbits.I also get weird "draws"... Come on it is such an expensive dungeon for those bugs to be that frequent
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