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    Game Update - October 22, 2019

    A monthly update to help continue to refine and improve the Legacy of the Beast experience.

    Clans Beta!

    Our Clans feature is now live!

    This Beta version introduces the foundation of our Clan feature. Please note that Clans will continue to expand over the next several updates to include chat, events, Raid Bosses and more!

    Creating/Joining a Clan!

    All players level 12 and above will be able to create or join a Clan. All Clans have customizable visual elements, and can either be open or locked to the public (in a locked Clan, the Clan Leader would have to approve applications). The player who creates a Clan will be a Clan Leader and has the power to promote other members or remove them from the Clan.

    Players looking to join a Clan can search by name for specific Clans, or can choose from any of the Clans that appear in the Recommended menu.


    Once you are in a Clan, be sure to check-in to the feature daily for a reward of Clan XP and Tributes- our Clan specific currency.

    Work together to earn even more rewards! A Clan Jackpot will be claimable by all members at every daily rollover (midnight UTC; 5pm PT). As more Clan members check-in during the day the Jackpot rewards will grow. Jackpot rewards will expire, so be sure to claim them the day they are earned, otherwise they will disappear forever!

    As your Clan gains XP you will unlock greater rewards, and gain access to more items in the Store.

    Clan Store
    The Clan Store contains a variety of items, some of which will not be available anywhere else.

    Currently players can trade in Tributes for items such as Awakening Souls, Catalyst Souls, Frontier Coins as well as new items such as Talisman Gold Red Souls which Guarantee a T1-T3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and Tribute Souls which grant Tributes and other high value rewards.

    Learn all about Clans and how to participate in our official Clans Guide!

    The Compendium!
    Discover character and talisman abilities!

    The Compendium button is now accessible from the Book of Souls screen. Tap this button to open up a compendium of information on all available characters, talismans and status effects.

    This feature will be particularly helpful for players looking for characters who apply specific effects during events!

    Tuning Changes
    Follow this link to see all the Tuning Changes in this release!

    Fragment Changes
    • Keeper Soul Fragments and Fallen Angel Soul Fragments can now be converted into Precious Soul Fragments

    • A number of Achievements for future events have been added to the Challenge menu. These Achievements are not yet active, but will give you a glimpse of upcoming content!

    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Improved Frontier Key Souls so they can only be opened one at a time
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Auto-Troopers from being switched on or off in Lord of Light XI
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Team Decks in Frontier Key Dungeons from saving
    • Fixed a bug where some character passives could be disabled unintentionally at the start of battle

    Book of Souls Changes
    New characters added to the Book of Souls character pool:
    • Hierophant (4* Warrior)
    • Bomber Boy (4* Magus)

    Known Issues
    • If you are booted from a Clan and you click on the ‘Clan’ button again without first reloading the game, you will run into an infinite loading screen. Simply force quit and reload to resolve this issue.
    • Images in the Compendium may take some time to load
    • Previously completed Missions/Achievements will be visible in your Challenge menu on each reload of the app. They will initially show as greyed out. If you back out of the screen, the greyed out Achievements will disappear. When you re-enter the Challenge screen, these previously completed Achievements will now be visible with zero progress. As they have already been completed, you will not be able to gain progress on them or earn their prizes again. We are working to deliver a fix for this issue.

    • There is an issue with Frontier Keys that is preventing them from opening their corresponding dungeons. We are working on a solution for this issue. Please do not open any Frontier Keys in the meantime.
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