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    Clans - Feature Guide!

    Our Clans feature is now live!

    This Beta version introduces the foundation of our Clans feature. Please note that Clans will continue to expand over the next several updates to include chat, events, Raid Bosses and more!

    Clan Foundations:

    Our current Clans feature allows for players to Create and Join Clans, as well as access the Clan Store. Clan members can check-in every day to earn personal rewards, and benefit from the Clan Jackpot.

    Read on for a breakdown of each element of Clans.

    Creating a Clan

    Any player who is level 12 and above can Create or Join a Clan.

    In order to create a Clan, simply tap the Clans button in the Cosmos and select the ‘Create Clan’ option. Clan creation costs 10 million Gold, and will automatically give you Clan Leader certification.

    As a Clan Leader you are able to Promote or Demote Clan Members or kick out inactive ones.

    Joining a Clan

    Join one of the awesome clans already in existence. Tap the ‘Clans’ button in the Cosmos and select ‘Join Clan’. There are several options for joining a clan. You can select one from our recommended list, or engage in a filtered search to find a Clan that meets your specific requirements. You can also search out Clans by name to find your friends!

    You can inspect any Clan you want to join by tapping the Magnifying Glass icon to the right. The inspect screen will show all current Clan Members, and allow you to check out their teams. You’ll also be able to see the current level, Arena Ranking, and Clan Contributions made by members.

    To Join an open group simply tap the ‘Join’ button that appears when you are Inspecting a Clan. If you attempt to join an ‘Invite Only’ group, your application will be put into a pending state and will be made available to the Clan Leader and First Officer for review. You can check your approval status in the ‘Pending’ tab.

    Please note that Clans are limited to 30 Members.

    Leaving a Clan

    Players can leave a Clan at any point. In order to leave, simply tap the ‘Members’ button at the bottom of the Clan Hub. This will bring up details regarding all the Members of your Clan. There is a ‘Leave’ button at the top right of this screen. Tap’ Leave’ and confirm your decision to exit the Clan.

    If a Leader leaves their Clan, the next Clan Leader will automatically be assigned to the most senior officer with the longest tenure.

    Once you have left a Clan there is a cooldown period before you can Create or Join another one.

    Clan Hub Screen

    This is the main hub for all Clan activities. At this time you are able to access the ‘Members’, ‘Check In’ and Store features. The other 3 features displayed will be activated in future updates.

    The Champion of the Clan Leader will be displayed front and center on the Clan Hub. The Champions of the Arena Master, Top Contributor and First Officer will also appear as smaller figures on this Screen.

    The Arena Master title represents the member of your Clan with the highest Arena ranking, whereas the Top Contributor title is the Clan Member who is most active. A Clan Leader can promote a member to First Officer thus granting them special privileges (such as the ability to review Clan applications).

    Customizing a Clan

    Clan Leaders can customize their Clan by tapping the Clan Icon at the top left corner of the Clan Hub Screen.

    In this screen you can select different banners, themes and regions to represent your group. You can also change the Clan Description as well as the Message of the Day.

    The Clan Description should state the values of your Clan and who you represent! The Message of the Day can be used to communicate directions to your Clan.

    You are also able to set restrictions based on player rank, or Arena division, and choose if your Clan will be open to all or be Invite Only.

    If you select Invite Only, any player who wishes to join your Clan will have their application put in a Pending State. Clan Leaders and First Officers can review, approve, or deny prospective members by checking the ‘Applicants’ tab in the Members menu.

    After you have completed any changes to your Clan, please ensure you tap the ‘Save’ button.

    View Clan Members

    You can view your fellow Clan Members at any time by tapping the ‘Members’ button at the bottom of the Clan Hub screen.

    Once you are in the ‘Members’ screen, you can see how many people are currently in your Clan, as well as important details about each player. You can also inspect each of your members teams by tapping on their Clan entry, just as you can with your Troopers!

    Tap on the Gear icon to see a players current Title within the Clan!


    Earn rewards by checking in daily!

    Enter the Clan Hub and tap the ‘Check-In’ button to claim a daily reward of Clan XP and Tributes - the Clan specific currency.

    Work together to earn even more rewards! A Clan Jackpot will be claimable in addition to your personal daily check-in reward. As more Clan members check-in during the day the Jackpot rewards will grow. You can see the Jackpot progress throughout the day by tapping on the ‘Check-In’ button. The Clan Jackpot will reset each day at the daily rollover (midnight UTC). Clan members will have 23 hours to claim the previous days Jackpot reward.

    Please note that Jackpot rewards will expire, so be sure to claim them the day they are earned, otherwise they will disappear forever!

    Your Daily Check-Ins will be recorded to your 'Clan Contibutions' tally in the Members screen. The top Contributor at any given time will have their champion displayed on the Clan homescreen.

    Clan Contributions
    Clan Contributions are recorded as you do various activities in your Clan. You can gain 1 Contribution point for each check in, and up to 3 Contribution points per Raid Boss battle attempt. Clan Contributions will reset monthly.

    Clan Store

    Players will be able to spend Tributes that they earn from their Check-Ins on select Talismans and Resources in Store.

    As your Clan gains more experience, more valuable items will begin unlocking in Store including new items such as Talisman Gold Red Souls which Guarantee a T1-T3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and Tribute Souls which grant Tributes and other high value rewards.

    Clan Icon Breakdown
    When Clan Members are promoted, an icon will appear overtop of their profile image in the Members screen. Here is a breakdown of the icons and their meanings.

    Officer - This ranking does not have special privileges just yet, but will for Clan Wars and other future Clan related activities.
    Senior Officer - Members of this ranking have the ability to promote, and demote Clan members.
    Clan Master - This is the creator of the Clan. They have the most administrative privileges, and can edit all customizable elements of the Guild, in addition to being able to promote, demote, and kick members out of the Clan.

    Chat Guidelines
    • Please avoid use of inappropriate language
    • Do not post spam or link any inappropriate content
    • Harassing other players is Strictly prohibited. It’s easier to be nice.
    • Do not release any personal information or solicit anyone else's personal information.
    • Impersonating other players or Navigator Games staff members is strictly prohibited.
    • Account selling, trading and posts looking to buy accounts, are prohibited.

    Translate Incoming Messages
    Tap the ‘Translate’ button found at the top right of the chat window. This will translate all messages you receive into the language you have set in-game. If you have not set your in-game language, it should translate into the language you have set up on your device.

    If you see any disturbing behaviour (illegal activity, continued harassment from the same individual) contact our support team. Please note that we are unable to discuss other players chat history with you. If you are inquiring regarding another player who is muted, kicked or banned, we will not discuss this information with you. Support will also not assist with clan kickings, ban disputes, or internal clan arguments.
    Remember that you are fully responsible for all activities on your account. If, for example, a friend or family member plays your account and violates our code of conduct, you are still responsible as account owner. Mutes, kicks or bans that occur due to behaviour by yourself or others using your account will remain in effect.

    Muting Clan Members
    Sometimes chat can get heated! See something you don't like? Please remember, you can mute any Clan member at any time. This member will still be able to post, you simply will not see their contributions to the chat.

    In order to mute a clan member, tap the 'Mute' button that appears on their player icon in the Chat screen. You can also mute players in the Member Screen. To do so, enter the Members screen from the Clans hub. Tap on the Gear beside the targeted members name. Tap the ‘Mute' option to mute this member in your chat. This member will still be able to post, you simply will not see their contributions to the chat.

    In order to unmute a clan member, enter the Members screen from the Clans hub. Tap on the Gear beside the targeted members name. Tap the ‘Unmute' option. Once unmuted, this members messages will begin to appear in your chat window once again. Please note that you can re-mute the same member at any given time.

    Kicking Clan Members
    Clan leaders are responsible for moderating the chat that occurs in their Clan. Please review our chat Guidelines above. If a player is in violation of chat guidelines, it is grounds for kicking them from the Clan.
    In order to kick a clan member, enter the Members screen from the Clans hub. Tap on the Gear beside the offending members name. Tap the ‘Kick’ option to remove this member from your Clan.

    Clan Challenges
    In select montly events, extra event challenges will be available to players who belong to a Clan. These Clan Challenges are distinguishable by their green border and special icons.

    Depending on the event, Clan Challenges can have 2 different types: Solo or Group.

    Clan Solo event challenges count your progress alone. You will need to belong to a Clan to see them, but your Clans activities have no effect on your progress in these types of Challenges.

    Clan Group event challenges will count the efforts of all members of your Clan towards the ultimate goal!

    Notes on Clan Event Challenges:

    Players can join a Clan part way through an event in order to obtain these extra Event Challenges.

    If you are removed from your Clan, or choose to Leave a Clan during the event, you will no longer be able to participate in the Clan Event Challenges. After the 24 hour cooldown you can then join a different Clan. This will give you access to any active Clan Event Challenges, and any Clan Group Challenges will be updated to the current total for your new Clan. If the Clan has already completed and claimed a Clan Group Challenge, the new member will not be able to claim that reward. Players will not gain double rewards by Clan hopping.

    Raid Boss
    Battle Raid Bosses to earn a variety of rewards including Blood Tributes, Talisman Soul Fragments, Thor Eddie Fragments and more.

    Your Clans strengths will be put to the test as you work together to smite these enemies!

    How to Participate in Raid Boss.
    When you enter the Raid Boss screen, tap on the Boss you wish to face off against. Take on Odin and Baphomet, and keep an eye out for additional Raid Boss and Clans content in future releases.

    Each Raid Boss battle has 10 dungeon levels of escalating difficulty! Each level offers a new challenge (different classes of Raid Boss, talisman builds etc.), so be prepared!

    Damage done to the Raid Boss is cumulative across the Clan, and you can see the current health of any active Raid Bosses by tapping on their respective quests in the level select screen.

    Raid Bosses cannot be felled in one battle! While you are engaged in combat, you will see the damage you are dealing increase on the right side of the screen near the Raid Bosses health bar. When your team is eventually vanquished, you will be presented with a summary of the total damage you have inflicted and a variety of rewards including Tribute, Clan XP and Raid Points. The more damage you do, the greater the rewards you can obtain.This damage will be added to the Clans total, and carried over for your next face off!

    Similar to Gauntlet, as you battle the Raid Boss your characters will be ‘used up’ and then temporarily retired. Characters used in battle will only be retired on a per boss basis, meaning that characters used against Baphomet will still be available to use against Odin! Unless you make use of a Space Time Amulet, once used, these characters will not refresh until the Raid Boss reset. These resets occur once a week - every Tuesday at midnight UTC.

    If you choose to use a Space Time Amulet, you will be able to refresh 4 random characters! These refreshes only apply on the Raid Boss you have currently selected (i.e. refreshing characters used on Odin will only bring back 4 characters used against that Raid Boss. it will not also refresh those same 4 characters used on Baphomet.) Space Time Amulets drop as first time clear rewards in the 5th and final Raid Boss battles as well as in select Clan Events.

    When you have defeated a Raid Boss, you will gain access to the next level of battle. Higher Raid Boss Dungeon Levels provide rarer and more desirable rewards like Thor Eddie and Valhalla Maiden Fragments. Additionally, once they are defeated, Raid Bosses will return to full health and still remain available for battle. This will allow lower level players in your Clan to still make a significant impact by continuing to battle earlier Raid Bosses to earn Raid Points.

    All members of the Clan will be granted first time clear rewards for every level of each Raid Boss per reset. That means that each week, players stand to earn up to 20 First Time Clear Rewards.

    The Raid Boss will reset each week at 12:00am UTC on Tuesday.

    You can battle the Raid Boss up until 2 hours before the reset time, at which point this feature will be locked. Players will be allowed to battle the Raid Boss again after the reset has been completed. At the start of each new week, Raid Points will be reset, your characters and Raid Boss progress will be refreshed and you will receive your weekly reward if you are eligible.

    Sands of Blood
    Each Raid Boss battle costs Sands of Blood. Sands of Blood refill at a rate of 1 Sand every 8 hours. Sands of Blood refills are currently available for Ironite in the Clan Store and will be featured in Clan Events.

    Raid Points and Weekly Rewards
    Earn Raid Points with your Clan to qualify for weekly Raid Boss Rewards.

    Rewards include Ironite, Rare Clan Fragments, Tribute Fragments, Talisman Gold Red Souls and Clan Medal Souls.

    You have 1 week to collect your Raid Points! All weekly rewards will be distributed the next time you enter the Clans hub after the weekly reset (resets occur Tuesdays at midnight UTC)

    Tap the Rewards button in the Raid Boss screen to see your current Raid Point total, all possible weekly rewards and the Raid Points needed to earn them.
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