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    LEGACY OWNERS: Requesting Full Refund tomorrow from Apple- Done waiting 4 IOS stable

    I doubt the Legacy app owners will even respond to this but I am finished with this game as of tonight after 2+ months of waiting and numerous support tickets....
    Before Server Maintenance I could at least play 3-4 fights before crashing to the IPAD desktop. After Server maintenance I cannot even play 2 battles without the game crashing to the IPAD desktop.

    I have an IPAD 4 with 128k mem the space is 20% used ....All other game apps never crash when playing them even the higher graphic games....this is an unacceptable product from a company that does not care to deliver but only cares to get more of the play communities money, just greedy.

    I have submitted numerous support requests (5 in the last 2 months) and the only response (one time) is "we know about the problem and are working on a fix". Scripted bull the IOS game environment has gotten worse not better! I actually tried in app to submit another support ticket tonight and the support button doesn't even work.

    Have spent close to $200+ on this game in the belief it would be genuinely fixed and will be calling apple to ask for a full refund of all in app purchases stating the app is unplayable on the IPAD and is misleading in it intent to fix and stabilize the app.

    I would encourage others playing on the IPAD to do the same so Apple will take this app off its store for IOS so this company cannot dupe other players into sinking money in the game.

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    As buggy as this game is, you kinda make it sound like it's Apple's problem and responsibility to do the refund.

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