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    4 star awakening shard. how do i get it?

    hi there guys. i have a 4 star awakened lord of light. for the next awakening i need 25 4star awakening shards. i have just 17. in the info it says they drop from lol dungeon levels i to xv. i am playing level xii all the time for so long and not a single one of them. am i doing something wrong? i cant go to level xiii as i seem to lose from that boss on last level all the time. and i dont have enough ironite to revive (i dont pay for the game).
    is there a bug in the game? do these shards drop from higher levels than level 12? i am stuck what should i do? i am guessing that if i make my team stronger perhaps in higher levels ill get em, but i cant.
    i am using a shaman eddie (for the revives) the gunner lord of light i mentioned (awesome that he grands invincibility to everyone), count draculs (for his high critical killing and perfect disable) and gunner minotaur.

    it is a decent team. i really wish i had better talismans. i have a 6 set primordial passive that i am not using as well as a singularity 6 set. but i do not thing they will do any help to me in these levels...
    i am one talisman short of 6 set starfire passive. if i had a 6 set perhaps the damage reflected in first round of lol boss, would make me farm higher level. but i dont have it and dont know how to get it. oh well.

    any tips on how to get the shard or farm higher level, are appreciated. i wont pay the game though. cheers

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    I hadn't seen this post... In case you still wanna know: You can get those shards from the store, on the "specials" tab, in exchange for awakening frags, or directly through awakening souls.

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    Hmm maybe you should not really focus on awakening your LoLs then? The 4* shards drop from LoL 13+14 and for the next awakenings you must be able to grind them and for the final awakening you need to grind LoL15!

    There are some threads for the LoL Dungeon here, e.g. from Bakura. There you can get some ideas what to expect and which teams might work against your opponents there. Do you have Charlotte and Viper talis? They would help you a lot for the higher LoL levels!

    Good luck!!
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