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    Alex Eddie's passive disabling - BUG?

    Hey there Troopers! Many months have passed since I've noted this and I never reported it but once. I sincerely thought this was to be solved.

    I am aware of Alexander Eddie's immunity to everything BUT passive disable effects. That's ok but is it really that way? I had to make a video to prove it. I tested a defense in Arena:

    So basically I attacked him with basics from W. Derby Demon and S. Desert Guardian - they disable passive for a turn. Moreover I used Hierophant's perfect disable but nothing happened.

    I didn't find a thread concerning this subject so I wanna know if this is intended. To be honest I am a little fed up with Alex's immunity in Gauntlet. Please enlighten me.

    Cheers ✌️

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    Alex basically NEVER receives a passive disable. EVER. He used to, it was very hard to land it, but he did get it occasionally, but since the "fixed" passive disable regarding prisoner/singularity, he has not EVER gotten it.

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    When I use Alex, he often gets the silver passive disable from one of the new characters...

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    There's a strange bug about Alex passive for sure.
    Nobody from the frogs cares about that, but the problem is still there.
    It sometimes happen also in underworld madness against the beast.
    I'm not sure but I think is connected to some type of character or talisman not in the opposite team, but in his own team.
    I noticed that happens more often if there's some other Eddie in the background.
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    Its due to Dark Lilith.... For some reason she can inflict silver on character supposedly incapable of getting silver applied.. Charlotte, Musashi, Alex.. And once she inflicts Perfect Disable, there's no more silver immunity. Most often this happens after the character has died and been revived..
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