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    F-ing wolfs with F-ing Brave. Don't bother with Crimson Blades (Insanity)

    The very first stage of Crimson Blades Insanity has two Sirius Cosmic Wolfs, both with Brave Talismans, that completely bug and constantly revive one another.

    Come on, devs, did they really both need to have Brave? This infinite revival constantly happens on new dungeons, have you still not learned how to avoid it?

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    completely glitched it is. The biggest issue is there isn't a counter to it. They "fixed" the passive disable on characters to now just disable the passive instead of both the passive and the talisman effects. Top it off with there isn't a talisman disable character/passive/talisman. Which of course if there was would effectively render the game beaten.

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