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Using a non eddie can make it more difficult on your troopers where you may force them to spend SoT just to use your trooper first before they can start a grind. I dont accept any non Eddie's as a trooper anymore.

At first if may be nice to try a non Eddie toon you dont have, but it will rapidly progress where your non eddie is more of a hassle than it is worth. I didnt mind having four non Eddie's for troopers because I could use them on skull quests at reset, but it got out of hand and I had over 20 overnight when the LoL can out.
I agree that using Eddies as troopers is far better (= easier) than non-Eddie toons and I usually have Eddie as a trooper for this reason, too.

However, there is one time I switch it to non-Eddie as an exception - when there is a challenge requiring skills of specific ultrarare character. That's when I change my trooper to such character (e.g. Musashi lately) - to help my troopers to do the missions they might not be able to do otherwise. This is the exactly same reason I am thankful to my troopers who list their Raven Witches or Charlottes (at the times when I also find myself on the other side of the stick).