Hey, all! One day I'll run out of questions to ask, but it's not today. Sorry, but I need some more insight here.

I'm trying my best to save up ironite as much as I can and my biggest expenditure is SoT (duh). I do that in order to hit the better parts of events and farms and use my 50 troopers. But the math doesn't add up.

Here's my understanding: we get 12 SoT an hour, so we get 288 free SoT a day. Dividing that out, that means that I can only hit battles that cost 5-6 SoT. Anything beyond that, which will usually cost 8-30, and I'm buying SoT and spending ironite.

So what's the best approach? Bite the bullet, spend ironite, and go for it? Or is there a resource strategy I'm missing? Or maybe those events and such really are over-costed for me at my level?