This is a very specific example, but basically I had Alexander, Assassin Lord of Light, Ancient Mariner and Redan. The entire other team except The Ferryman (with Starfire) was dead. I went into the fight knowing Ferryman would obviously Doom one of my characters (either the Lol or the Mariner) and I could transfer it to him with the Mariner

But a funny thing happened. For a long time nobody got doomed. not like other matches against The Ferryman where I didn't want to be doomed. Eventually the Mariner finally got doomed and I used the transfer ability. Mariner cleansed himself, but no doom on Ferryman. Plenty of other debuffs though.

So the battle rages on. Strangely (not really) the Lol never gets doomed only the mariner. Then, finally, the Lol gets doomed. I use the transfer ability (with a transfer chance of 100% might I add) and all the debuffs except the doom gets transfered. Lol dies of doom. Battle rages on more. Draw.

TL; DR- those who say that the AI gets boosted and favoured have more ammunition to support that claim