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    Best talismans you should not pass up?

    I've been at this game a few months and seem to lack all the major talismans people suggest for event builds.
    Early on I may have passed up chances to get some of these, but not sure.
    Viper, Orbit, Reapers, Celestial, Alchemy, Valor, Labyrinth, and so on. I wish those would come up once in a while, even if just for cash. Rather see an Orbit sale than Phantom Eddie again.
    Anyways, I'd like to see a list of the top 20 or so talismans one should look for and make sure you get before the rotate out of the stores.
    Most found in the store I don't see mentioned much in builds, but maybe I'm missing those threads. So I'm thinking Warlord in Clans store, Tower and Siege are in there somewhere.
    What are some to make sure you have? With the new talisman event now seems like a good time to pick up a few sets that won't be just collecting dust, like all the common green talismans I maxed early on.

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    Deathdealer, pretty much every talisman you mentioned is worth having. They all come around sooner or later. Just keep collecting them when available. There will be plenty of new ones around the corner.

    The have been designing the new dungeons with all the new toons/talis to be almost mandatory. It is a good strategy to make you want everything or feel left behind. There are many players that have been playing a long time and amassed a good cache of resources so they can go after the shiny new toys each week. Just chose what you think you want and can achieve. If you go after everything at once you just earn a lot of partial useless items.
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    There is a place for most talisman sets - I have used them all over time since the game began.

    At the moment the 5 and 6 sets are important. I use Vipers/Orbits/Alchemy/Singularity and Celestial in nearly all teams for all purposes. There are so many good sets that get used by me in gauntlet as I am too lazy to always be swapping stuff about - I still use Greed/Destiny as well as light/radiant/banner/warlord/valor - even eclipse/nightmare and the useful reapers all come in handy and are worth having. Gauntlet also uses primordial sets which I have countless sets of....I even use the BNW sets you can get a fair bit - Quake/Zone/Rage/Lightening and so on - they all play a part for me as I am often too lazy to swap, swap, swap, though I often need to when I get up to SS and SSS.

    It is really hard to list them all of but the ones mentioned are worth keeping.
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