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    not getting awakening rewards

    So I have the warrior and cosmic lord of light and the raven witch, awakened my warrior and raven witch once and got the rewards, than after using those 2 keys i got rewards i got enough to awaken the warrior to a purple 2* and my cosmic to a 1*, well i never got my rewards for this and trying to get it across to support but they're telling me that once i do my next awakening i'll get my next set of rewards. they wont give me the 2 sets i should have gotten

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    Don't know if you're talking about the achievement award, awaken a character X amount of times. I just finished awakening VI (20 times). Now I'm at awakening VII (30 times) and it says I have 5 out of 30 done... Shouldn't it be 20?

    This game is getting way too messed up and they don't seem to care. I can't understand how anyone spends a penny on this glitchy game anymore. They have to slow down new releases, work on and fix what they already have.

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