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    Quote Originally Posted by Smudger24 View Post
    I think I figured it out. What we think are server errors is really part of the game now.
    Mate, if this was true 🤯.
    But you’re right. Hardly anybody is playing the game as it was intended in the beginning - maybe except from pvp or gauntlet ...

    Of course, farming is easier while autoplay. But they wouldn’t have introduced it, if we shouldn’t used it^^

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    C’mon Navigator there must be something you can do here?
    I can’t believe the Irons are finally coming to Australia around May next year and the name of the tour is “Legacy of the beast tour” to promote this

    As a business surely you want to have a bright ‘n’ shiny app that behaves the way it should for all the droves of potential players this tour is supposed to bring?

    I can’t stop shakin’ my head at the clunky phone app their promoting, disgraceful!

    Part of the good business practice is to retain the customers you’ve already got, you can’t have been doing much good at that either lately. Every part of the game is stalled in some way. Hopeless honestly!
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    Caesar of course this is all sarcasm. But a point I was trying to make was that the game years ago was simpler and fun. The odd time you wish you had auto to clean or finish something up and didn't have a half hour to do it. Like 90% play game and 10% auto. A nice added feature, now that the game is 99% grind auto is the only feature which really makes it boring.

    I understand it's easier for the devs and they can be lazier and make more money while we burn up resources doing this but at this point I'm only playing now cuz of my time invested over the years. But I'm not gonna stick around and they will lose more players and not gain new ones if they don't get their heads out of their asses and fix what they already have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smudger24 View Post
    I love these sever errors. Open these time restricted dungeons with an expensive key, buy all the SOT to run it. And bam connection error 10 mins into it. I have airstrip open right now but can't get back in for the past 20 mins.

    I've lost count of how many keys, resources and time I've wasted only to have their overloaded system screw me over. I'm really getting fed up.
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