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    Losing ironite for no reason

    When playing arena today, I've lost ironite on 3 occasions for no reason. It goes like this: I use a free refresh, connection fucks up, I reboot the game and some of my ironite just vanishes. Once it was 30 (at least I'm pretty sure), then 20 and once, when I tried using ironite to refresh, even about 50 somehow! I'm now worried about playing more because I'm not getting resets properly and I've lost ironite several times. Has this happened to anyone else?
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    If you try and refresh and it doesnt refresh you must log out of the game without hitting any buttons. If you acknowledge the error it will cost you ironite. If you try and acknowledge more than once it will charge you each time.

    This is a known problem for some time and has been addressed in several threads.
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