Had this happen and I couldn't resist sharing it... as far as a dozen bugs it isn't that many but there are at least 3 or 4.

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And yes the cosmic wolf is just bouncing there considering its "dead". MINAZUKI is also not on my team I might add.

I think this picture sums up a significant amount of bugs within the game very succinctly.

Dev's ya'll did a nice job in "fixing" the issue with the insanity dungeon but it should never have been an issue to start with. Gotta few things that I would like to toss out in regards to bugs, glitches, and general stuff.

The issue with the insanity dungeon was basically a logic problem. The characters got stuck in a loop because there was no way to kill them because of the effects of the brave talisman. Immune to permadeath and doom and no way to inflict perfect death and maintain the parameters of the kill task. Add to that a resurrect feature and you have an AI that is stuck in a loop. Why is because it had no choice but to be stuck in the loop because there was not an end to the conditions imposed on the characters by the talisman. Logic problems are, if this happens than this is the outcome, if this and that happen than this is the outcome.

This is one of the most noticeable logic issues that we have had happen in awhile. Most of the time it isn't much of an issue because it isn't normally a character class specific dungeon (except for the Gauntlet which has many issues with logic and talismans in general) where there isn't a method of beating it i.e. perfect death. If anyone suggests having a talisman or character able to disable talisman effects all I am going to say is think about the impact it would have on the game. Based on current game play and how things seem to work I don't think there is a method of implementation that wouldn't break the game. This reminds me of the additional problem of characters being resurrected and the talismans being reset to function like nothing happened.. But this is only for the AI not the player. This has to be fixed because it effectively means the game itself is cheating. Speaking of which how in the hades does Dark Lilith manage to revive herself multiple times?

Associated with this is the AI (or game engine) itself. Consistency is not it's strong point. It becomes very frustrating when you beat something a specific way with specific characters numerous times and then one day it doesn't work at all. Or it works barely where it used to be a walk in the park. Then a few hours later its back to a walk in the park. I have a couple of theories. One is that someone(s) doesn't know how to test game settings correctly and manages to test on the live server instead of the test server. Someone likes being a jackass (or idiot) and thinks certain settings do one thing when in fact they do something completely different. Or the AI settings are in general just mismanaged and not set appropriately.

Speaking of difficulty of things. I think most people will agree they would rather have a stupid hard level they have to work at to beat instead of auto-grinding something 800 times. But there are a few catches, it has to be fair and it has to be mostly consistent. By fair I mean you can beat it without having a specific set of characters or talismans. This ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT of having to auto-grind to win has become asinine. And 800 times through is well seriously pushing it. Especially when there are server connection issues that have not been resolved. Has anyone considered that the two things "might" be connected? But back to the 800 times through a dungeon.

Dev's this is just a money grab and we all know it. The only way to successfully do that is to have a device constantly connected with a constant supply of sands of time. I figure it takes approximately 2 minutes for it to run through the easy dungeon and this costs 6 sands of time per run. Without any issues this is going to take ~27 hours total or ~4 hours a day for 7 days.
800 rounds x 2 minutes = 1600 minutes / 60 minutes in an hour = 26.66666 hours.
There are always issues. Connectivity, overflow, out of sands of time, battery dies etc etc etc. This also does not include playing the game itself this is just the required grind time to get the achievement. Plus this will require 4800 sands of time. Per others the refill rate for SoT is 1 per 5 minutes or 12/hour or 120/10 hours or 288 max in a 24 hour time frame. Over 7 days that would provide us with 2016 SoT which is not even half of what is needed. Plus we have to have sands of time to play the regular game so I am going to ignore the natural refresh and go with what it takes, 4800 SoT. So basically we have to buy 4800 SoT at 120 SoT per 30 ironite.
4800 SoT / 120 SoT = 40 purchases of SoT. 40 SoT x 30 ironite = 1200 ironite needed to buy 4800 SoT (in a nutshell 1 ironite = 4 SoT sooo 4800/4=1200)
Do we need to get into the refill rate for ironite? Cause there isn't one and the daily stuff is only going to net you a couple hundred at best which makes it "theoretically possible" to buy enough SoT without having to spend money. But there probably won't be any leftover for anything else.

I think we have established that the auto-grind tasks will take ~27 hours straight or ~4 hours a day to complete and most if not all of the daily ironite to be able to buy the SoT. Did anyone think that we might want to actually play the game? And while all this is happening there are also several other events going on at the same time. There's a sacrifice, summoning, evolution, and the kill tasks for Crimson Blades. Yeah basically 4 events at the same time. So there are only 3 live at a time nothing major. Too much too much... I seem to recall something being said about toning things down a bit as far as events are concerned. I don't think it has happened, if anything I think it has gotten worse.

Ignoring or blowing off your player base is a sure fire method of closing the doors. Sure it might take awhile but it always works. Another item that closes the doors pretty fast are connectivity issues. If you can't connect you can't play and people will go find something else to play and delete a game. Might also take awhile but it will happen.

And speaking of connectivity issues, has anyone checked the mainboard batteries (probably a cr2032) on the servers to make sure they are still good? Yeah this might be my personal favourite theory of why we have connection issues. Nothing major but that battery just has a minor role in keeping the bios clock accurate and the cmos alive. So these are things that typically happen if a machine gets turned off you say. Yeah even a machine that is on 24/7/365 develops issues if that battery is dead.

And that is that.