where do i find Celestial awakening shards to max the Moonchild?

Currently there is only (1) Shinobi awakening shard available in the game (from achievement rewards) so I cannot max the Cosmic Shinobi. Now there are (0) Celestial Awakening shards available, so I cannot max my Moonchild.

Can we have an exchange program to trade LOL or Wicker Awakening shards for the Shinobi and Celestial?

When will you add slots to the shard management system so we dont cap out again? Since it looks like you intend to add a ton of unnecessary awakening shards for various characters, it will quickly max out our slots again. Why cant all characters just use "Awakening Shard" x3 and leave it universal? Does it need to be so complicated?

Hope a DEV is looking at these posts! I'd love some answers!