I was too new to do the Viral Dungeon when it first came out, but have some keys for it.
I can't see to find anywhere that says what we'd get if we ran it. There are no achievements for it, so unless I'd get Viral Eddie frags I'm guessing it's pointless right now?

Also, just finished all the Airstrip achievements. Not sure what dungeon to try and finish next. I hadn't been buying frags to get all the toons for the trooper dungeon, only have trooper and lacy azov at this point. Could just buy the other 2 with frontier coins but hate to do that when I'd get them cheaper eventually.

I've been through the Raven one 15 times but it's about 50/50 with my toons.
Mayan I don't have Necropolis and he will take some time to get and is pretty expensive since I never got any frags from the arena back then.
Infernal just seems out of reach for me at this point. Fairly hard and I don't have any of those toons either.
The Labyrinth and Gangland are about the same for missing toons.
I see achievements for Frozen Wasteland but have never seen a key for that.

So, any suggestions for the order to work on these long term? Seems like Trooper would be the first, but after that not sure what to work toward.