One issue I am having in LOL XV is the game freezing on the last level every time - I wonder if it is a team based issue that I am using. I am trying to do achievements for Cosmic LOL and Lucifer while doing the current event but I can't complete the level - it just freezes before battle ends. My team is VH Eddie (Yin and Yang), Cosmic LOL (Space), Charlotte (Orbit) and Magus LOL (Inspiration/Avenger/Cosmic Echo T2) - all maxed. Could be the talisman.

I changed out Magus LOL with Warrior LOL (harder to win though) and it was OK. Also used maxed Wicker Owl Evolved and it was fine then too - Magus LOL or his talisman maybe?

Anyone else getting freezes on LOL XV it may be a known issue that I missed?