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    Updates from Space Station No.5 - November 14th 2019

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    Update from Space Station No. 5

    Welcome Troopers, to this weeks Updates from Space Station No. 5. This week, I wanted to start out with an excerpt from the Community Supports notes on common tickets and requests we are seeing this week.

    Weekend Server Stability

    We all experienced some stability stutters over the weekend from the Server. You were all extremely patient with us while we worked it though. We made some changes as soon as we could to stabilize things, but we have a long way to go to get it to where we want to be and where our players deserve! Keep an eye out for more updates on this.

    Claimable Missions bug

    Anyone else HAVE to delete all those notifications off their home screen at all times? Not just me? I thought so. This bug has been a predominant factor in our Support queue and I want to say that the team are hard at work fixing this and are making progress. We want it fixed as much as you do!

    Server Stability is still a priority

    I mentioned above that we still have a way to go, but the Engineering team are working tirelessly to make sure your game stability will continue to grow stronger.

    Skill Fix

    In regards to some questions raised in the latest tuning notes thread about skill fixes.

    Kaz_LOTB -

    "It's a fix for many character effect immunity passives being removed upon death." There are certain characters, such as the Gunner and Magus Hierophant, that feature passives that are intended to always be active so long as the character is alive. These passive effects were improperly being removed from the character upon death and if they were revived, they would no longer have their passive activate. This is an example of what was fixed. The same applies to certain talismans (any talisman that is intended to have a persistent effect, such as Fate Talisman, and not a one time effect, such as many of the "on-death" effects). Note that there are still many effects that are intended to trigger only once per battle, such as revives on death and talismans or passives that grant effects only at the start of battle.

    Alright, on to Durandal, he is here with his Weekend Warrior post! It’s a little different this week, but just as informative and entertaining as always.

    Weekend Warrior - Under the Looking Glass

    Trying to break away from running with the pack? In this week's introspective installment of Weekend Warrior, I'll be taking a look at some of the most popular and competitive teams witnessed in Arena over the past 30 days. Consider this knowledge when devising a devious defense team, as knowing your enemy can be the first step towards glory.

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    Team 1: Wyld Stallyns

    Alexander Eddie, Magus Lord of Light X, Charlotte, Major Malakhov
    Number of Battles: 1154
    Win Rate: 88%

    Ah yes, sitting at the pinnacle of popularity is a team of familiar faces helmed by none other than Alexander Eddie. Warrior and Magus talismans have been especially popular these days and here we see a team that can accomodate them quite well.

    Alex Eddie has been a great pillar for many attack and defense teams for quite some time now, given how versatile his passive can be - especially when he is paired with the defensive measures of Orbit Talismans. Charlotte continues to cover a lot of ground with Vipers and a Cosmic Talisman being the most common fit for her. Major Malakhov can leave you vulnerable on defense teams, but while on attack teams, you'll be able to swing many fights your way so long as you're careful to avoid teams who carry reliable permadeath effects. Magus Lord of Light will likely see a lot of continued play until players adjust their defenses to prevent the likes of Dark Ghost and Doom. Yin Talismans, anyone?

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    Team 2: Gambler's Paradise

    Gambler Eddie, Charlotte, Magus Lord of Light, The Killer Beast
    Number of Battles: 706
    Win Rate: 95%

    You didn't think you'd get through this article without seeing the gambling guru himself mentioned, did you? With players likely hesitant to invest too much power into countering Labyrinth Talismans on their defense teams, we'll continue to see Gambler Eddie paired with them as a means of protecting an otherwise fragile effect stacker. Consider bringing Ace's Bomber Eddie, Gunner Hierophant or Quantum Talismans if you see him running amok.

    Not to be confused with The Killer Prime, The Killer Beast has seen increased play in recent days. This may be due to a reliable mix of raw damage and beneficial effect removal. If a defense team is showing signs of immunity against Magus LoL's silver effects and fury ability, it may be worth using Killer Beast's fury as more of a defensive option mid-battle.

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    Team 3: Eddie the Vampire Slayer

    Van Helsing Eddie, Charlotte, Magus Lord of Light VI, Warrior Lord of Light IX
    Number of Battles: 572
    Win Rate: 94%

    As expected, Van Helsing Eddie has been slaying much more than merely vampires. He certainly sets the stage for Magus Lord of Light to shine, stripping immunity effects while stalling for time with his teamwide damage protection. The updated kit (shared with Vampire Hunter Eddie) also adds some much needed utility to the otherwise offensive team.

    Warrior Lord of Light had seemed to be the initial candidate for the "Best Lord of Light" award. While the fanfare has since cooled off, he still brings a very oppressive means of punishing those who are not immune to his reliable reductions to maximum health. Similar to Major Malakhov listed above, you'll definitely want to scout out enemy teams before throwing him at the masses. Even so, nothing is wrong with bringing someone capable of wearing a 6-set of Warrior Talismans these days.

    Now that we've been able to take a glimpse at some of the most popular competitive teams, tell me, what sort of strategy have YOU been using to counter such threats? If you're interested in some of our strategies or the strategies of your fellow players, feel free to leave a comment below.

    Well, that's all from me this week. When you next hear from me, I'll be exploring some concepts that might help some of our newer players gain a solid footing when it comes to approaching any challenge that might be giving them some trouble. See you then,


    Fan Art

    I asked last week for some Fan art to be posted and we saw some great posts in the comments. This bust of Shaman Eddie is from Mitch666. It’s spot on and we love it! Send me a message! I would love to gift you an in-game Soul!

    Name:  Shaman-Eddie-bust.png
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    Special shout out to brynhildcosplay!

    This EPIC Clairvoyant Cosplay crossed our paths this week and blew us all away! If you are reading this Mirella, send me a message on the forum or directly through our Facebook page, we would love to chat!

    Name:  Clairvoyant-cosplay.png
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    Funny you choose The Clairvoyant, she’s been on our minds a lot lately!

    For now, go follow her @brynhildcosplay on Instagram!

    OK, feel free to comment with more Fan art, we love getting to see it!

    Thanks for reading!

    Space Station No.5, shutting down until next week.

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    Thanks Ceeg_LOTB for your kind comments 😊 a gift you say 🤔 😁 thanks for posting my picture.

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    The fan art is very cool and as for that cosplay person - that must have taken some time to sort out and create - well don't to her for taking the time. She has made an excellent job of that outfit and props for that hair colour too - my daughter loves that in particular!

    As for the rest - I do struggle with the server thing. I cant imagine it is helping keep new people in the game. It is a bit better but still an issue.
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    Am I the only one using Oni Eddie in a team ?
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    Only missing :


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    Nice post Ceeg and Durandal, thks for some news and clarifications, also it was really nice to read this WW.

    Btw could you shed some light on W Minotaurīs passive for me pls? It says "Prevents all Counterattacks from the enemy team" I can't make this work against some passives (W Lol for example) or some talismans (Viper for example) neither work against Revenge... isn't working properly or should only prevent any enemy to earn a "Counterstrike" blue buff?

    About strategies, the Major and Charlotte combination is a real pain to play against... at some point, I started to use singularity just to steal one perfect shield and then later I finally pulled G Papa Emeritus who is really handy against Charlotte auto-healing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maiden View Post

    Btw could you shed some light on W Minotaurīs passive for me pls? It says "Prevents all Counterattacks from the enemy team" I can't make this work against some passives (W Lol for example) or some talismans (Viper for example) neither work against Revenge... isn't working properly or should only prevent any enemy to earn a "Counterstrike" blue buff?
    Can't imagine Warrior LoL is not countering. He will certainly not feel okay.

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    [existential crisis intensifies]
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    HAHAHHAA pls more W lol memes, its never enough hahhaha
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgk56 View Post
    Am I the only one using Oni Eddie in a team ?

    I use him on my attack team. but i only play 1 game a day lol
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    Wonderful cosplay! Glad to see Clairvoyant is getting a buff. Enjoyed her parts in the comics too.

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